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Out East

by ERA Architects

Philip and Will recently took a trip out to Halifax, to give a public lecture at the Dalhousie School of Architecture and to introduce the Culture of Outports Free Lab project to the students and faculty.

ERA has coordinated and will be leading an intensive two-week design/build studio in the outport community of Burlington, Newfoundland.  Plugging into larger provicinal cultural planning and cultural resource mapping initiatives currently underway in the office, this studio class is an exciting opportunity for six students to participate in a larger cultural initiative. Working with the support of the local community and assisted by a range of design professionals and craftspeople, students will design and produce a small-scale intervention bred from site-specific conditions, drawing upon vernacular building techniques and traditional craft practices.  We will also be touring neighbouring outport communities, giving presentations on our research to a number of towns, and visiting both an active ship-yard and an archeological site.  Check back soon for more details on the project!


It was a whirlwind trip, but Philip and Will had a chance to visit a few on-going projects in downtown Halifax (including the adaptive reuse of the former Electropolis building, above), and tour a few local design offices.

Daniel Wojcik gaving a quick tour of the Lydon Lynch office atop the new Halifax Farmer’s Market building, with a panoramic view of the Halifax harbour.

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