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Recent Projects

photo of a large stone house taken from an angle, surrounded by trees
Hamilton House Private client

Working with the young and savvy family, ERA designed a functional addition and associated alterations to the Stockbroker Tudor house. Built in 1937, modifications to the registered historic home needed to blend seamlessly blend with the Tudor exterior and the clients’ clear and established vision for the interior. Centered around a large kosher kitchen, the addition solves the clients’ complex brief in a compact envelope, establishing a natural flow to the ground floor that allowed the growing family to decouple...

a symmetrical photo of a fireplace with wooden paneling above and floor to ceiling windows on either side
Rosedale Ravine House Private client

Built in 1912, this Arts & Crafts Eden Smith-designed home had seen a number of renovations and alterations over the course of a century. The owners acquired the residence and proposed extensive improvements to the interior. Their goal was to enjoy the benefits of a historical home updated for contemporary living, completely redesigning the full interior and the majority of the exterior to provide abundant natural light and connection to the outdoors, while respecting the original pedigreed architecture. A suite...

render of a brick single family house from the street
South Rosedale Residence Private client

This property is situated in Toronto’s historic South Rosedale Heritage Conservation District. ERA worked with the owner to design a replacement house that better complemented the streetscape, architectural forms and materiality of the neighbourhood. Taking important architectural cues from nearby Romanesque Revival and Queen Anne residences and carefully analyzing eaves lines, roof forms and fenestration, the architectural expression is a contemporary interpretation of the ideal Rosedale house. The interior is arranged in a series of formal and informal spaces opening...

Étude patrimoniale de l’Institut en santé mentale Douglas SQI

L’institut universitaire en santé mentale Douglas occupe un vaste campus en bordure du fleuve Saint-Laurent, dans l’arrondissement de Verdun. Fondé en 1890 comme premier hôpital protestant de Montréal consacré à la santé mentale, l’établissement témoigne à travers son cadre bâti et paysager des grands mouvements qui ont marqué l’évolution de la psychiatrie au cours du 20e siècle. Préconisant d’abord un isolement des patients en proximité avec la nature, le campus s’est graduellement déployé vers l’extérieur pour devenir une partie intégrante...

Îlot Bonsecours – PHI Contemporain PHI

Located in the heart of the Old Montreal heritage site, the “Îlot Bonsecours” is a group of four historic buildings, notably the Calvet House and its annex, the Davies Store and the Viger House, which have been combined in recent decades to become the Auberge Pierre du Calvet, among others. In addition to those, there is a vacant space which, until the early 1960s, housed two other historic buildings, the Del Vecchio House and the Delisle warehouse-store. The site is...