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Culture of Outports: Majumder Manor

Culture of Outports: Majumder Manor

The ‘Culture of Outports‘ project proposes that an understanding of the unique history and character of outport communities is essential in order to successfully plan and manage their future evolution, post fisheries. There are plenty of examples throughout the province to suggest that communities are in search of inventive ways to invent new industries and ways of life in response to these major shifts by exploring and diversifying in alternative economies and opportunities. In many cases, creative thinkers are rebuilding these communities in the next wave of cultural activity.

This proposal for a boutique hotel came originated with Sean Majumder, a Canadian comedian, and native of the outport of Burlington, Newfoundland. Sean was interested in the tradition of his ancestors, the Bartletts and the Mills, as shipbuilders responsible for many of the civic structures in Burlington including the church, the school, the bridge and the wharf. Master shipbuilders often played an essential role as community builders in many outport communities. In many ways, shipbuilding is one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s first creative industries.

Majumder Manor was proposed on the site of the old schoolhouse at the intersection of the town’s new and old main streets, aiming to bring economic vitality to the town, as well as preserving the traditions of the area, through immersion in a real experience of the place.

ERA was retained to conduct a Cultural Framework Study, in order to evaluate the town’s cultural assets; historic and current, physical and intangible. As architects, we are committed to conserving our cultural heritage. In addition to our experience in adapting and reusing older buildings, we provide strategies for adapting communities, evaluating their cultural assets, and rehabilitating their built and natural forms.

Burlington, Newfoundland
Sean Majumder
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