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ERA Architects


ERA Architects Inc. (ERA) is an award-winning architecture and planning firm focused on conservation through reactivation. Working across a lively spectrum of scales and locales, we develop heritage planning approaches that renew and improve the built environment.

Creative adaptive reuse strategies and building conservation techniques are a core expertise established at the firm’s founding in the 1990s by Edwin Rowse and Michael McClelland. Since then, we have expanded our in-house expertise to encompass a broad range of consulting, design, and advocacy work.

For over 30 years, we have provided a high level of professional service to the public and private sectors from our offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. The more than 130 talented individuals who comprise our integrated, multidisciplinary team have memberships in an array of professional associations and advocacy organizations. 

We nurture professional integrity and skills enhancement through industry-wide conversations, research, education, and mentoring. We frequently collaborate with other firms and organizations. ERA delights in finding solutions to the challenges of city building and reactivating buildings and places in ways that shape a more engaging and sustainable future. 


ERA offers a diversity of skills and services to clients that fit the needs of any project. The work we produce touches a wide range of sectors such as governmental and educational institutions, public housing agencies, healthcare, arts & culture, recreational, commercial and retail, hospitality, and residential.

Architecture Design & Conservation

ERA provides full architectural services for building retrofits, renovations, additions and new construction. Our conservation specialists work closely with architectural staff to prepare drawings and documents for building restoration and conservation.

Planning & Approvals

ERA provides an array of heritage planning consultation and reports, such as heritage impact assessments (HIAs), heritage background studies, heritage feasibility studies, adaptive-reuse studies, and heritage interpretation plans, and serves regularly as expert witnesses for mediation and tribunals.

Landscape & Urban Design

ERA provides full services for landscape and urban design as well as offering a range of cultural landscape evaluations.

Recent Projects

plazaPOPS plazaPOPS
Greater Toronto Area
Centretown Heritage Inventory City of Ottawa
Exploratory typo-morphological study of Île-d’Orléans Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec (MCCQ)
Bleau residence – Adaptive re-use study Service des grands parcs, du Mont-Royal et des sports, Ville de Montréal