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Culture of Outports _ Burlington design/build

by ERA Architects

As part of the Culture of Outports project, ERA taught an intensive two-week design/build course in the small outport of Burlington, Newfoundland. The course was run through Dalhousie, and began with a lengthy road-trip from St. John’s, where students had the opportunity to study and immerse themselves in the local and material culture. Then, working with the full support of the Burlington community and assisted by a range of craftspeople, ERA led the six architecture students in the design and construction of a small-scale intervention bred from site-specific conditions, drawing upon vernacular building techniques and traditional craft practices, and making use of local materials.

More photos from the project are included below, after the jump. To follow the research, design, and construction of the community installation as it took shape, please see the Culture of Outports blog.  Further information on the project will be added to the CUG+R site shortly.

Studying historic details at Random Passage.


Sketching traditional outbuildings and joint details at Winterton.


The team discussing the project objectives over a beverage in Trinity.


Taking a boat tour out around Burlington and Middle Arm. (totally candid photograph)


Debating initial impressions and intervention strategies for the Burlington waterfront site.


Presenting the project in preliminary design proposals to students from the community, and soliciting their feedback and recommendations.


The team pitching in to assemble the framing.


Starting the decking and cribbing.


The grand opening party for the waterfront installation featured live music and big bonfire, and was attended by almost everyone in town.


Final assembly of the moveable benches and seats.


Sketches and over-all site plan


The banquet table emerging from the rock, with a view out to the harbour.


The project team.

First and last photographs are by Dagmar Szijgyarto, the second photograph is by Chris Howard; all others by ERA.

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