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“Dr. Brick” returns to Toronto

by ERA Architects

Dr. Gerard Lynch

Dr. Gerard Lynch, master mason and acclaimed scholar in heritage masonry, has returned to Toronto to lead a new series of workshops hosted by ERA and Historic Restoration at Evergreen Brickworks.

One of this year’s courses, Advanced Topics in Lime Mortar, focused on the importance of using traditional lime-based mortars when restoring or repairing heritage brickwork.

Traditional lime-based mortars breathe differently and react to moisture differently from modern-day Portland cement. They also possess unique characteristics that demand specific working techniques when mixed and applied on site. Participants studied the mixing and specifying of lime mortars, and received instruction on the best use of aggregates and additives.

Dr. Lynch – or “Dr. Brick” as he is known – extended his teachings to a hands-on demonstration of lime mortar mixing on the Brickworks site. After creating a mortar mix using a proper ratio of lime, sand, and water, participants were invited to apply their new knowledge first-hand by practicing the delicate art of repointing.

Courses continue until May 22nd. Those interested in attending may learn more here.

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