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Heritage Masonry with Dr. Gerard Lynch, May 13 to 22

by ERA Architects

Masons, heritage professionals, architects, historians, and all interested parties: We invite you to join us for a new installment of Dr. Gerard Lynch’s extraordinary courses in brickwork, May 13 to 22 at Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto.

Learn from scholar and master mason Gerard Lynch about traditional limes and mortars, traditional binders, historical forms of pointing and jointing, causes of failure in brickwork, and all manner of detail in the mason’s art.

Update: We will also be joined May 20 to 22 by master mason Terry Mullarkey of J. Mullarkey & Sons Stonemasons, one of the top marble and stone masonry restoration companies in the world.

These courses combine theoretical and hands-on demonstration, revealing the fascinating intricacy of brick construction past and present, and providing analytical and technical tools to inform our professional practice and love of building craft. Those who have taken Dr. Lynch’s introductory course may be particularly interested in the one-day courses below, where participants can build on what they’ve previously learned. Courses include:

Lime Mortars and Traditional Brick Masonry (2 Day Course):

  • Limes and Lime Mortars
  • Overview of Historic and Modern Bricks
  • Causes of Failure in Brickworks, Bricks and Mortar
  • Achieving Successful Brickwork
  • Evaluating Good Workmanship & Recognizing Bad Practice

Construction & Repair of Traditional Masonry – Hands-On Course for Masons (2 Day course presented by Gerard Lynch & friends):

  • Historic Binders & Materials
  • Arch Layout & Construction
  • Traditional Joint Finishes & Treatments
  • Brick & Stone Restoration Techniques
  • Discussion on the Latest Developments in Masonry Restoration

Advanced Topics in Lime Mortar (1 Day course)

  • Understanding Mortar mixing
  • Understanding Aggregates
  • Understanding Additives
  • Specifying lime-based mortars for various conditions
  • Historic Joint finishes & Repointing basics
  • Preparation of joints, Curing and Protection procedures
  • Hands-On Practise session
  • Great for students who have completed Dr. Lynch’s intro course

Brick Cleaning & Traditional Surface Treatments (1 Day course):

  • Cleaning Brickwork
  • Render & Harling
  • Lime washing
  • Colour Washing
  • Penciling and Tuckpointing
  • Hands-On Practise session
  • Great for students who have completed Dr. Lynch’s intro course

Dr. Gerard Lynch is an internationally acclaimed and highly respected historic brickwork consultant, master bricklayer, educator and author. He followed a traditional apprenticeship as a bricklayer and, over the years through his natural ability within his craft, gained many awards, including the Silver and Gold Trowels from the Brick Development Association, UK, and is a Licentiate of the City and Guilds of London Institute (LCG). He is a former Head lecturer of Trowel Trades at Bedford College, pioneering a revival of gauged brickwork, in which he is considered the world’s leading authority, and other almost forgotten traditional craft skills. He is affectionately known by the historic term, ‘The Red Mason’.

Please join us by registering online.

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