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Landscape symposium: Toronto 2015

by admin

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During a visit to Toronto this May, Charles Birnbaum, founder of The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF), announced that his organization will be holding a 2015 landscape architecture symposium in Toronto.

Set just prior to the Toronto Pan Am Games of 2015, the symposium is perfectly timed to coincide with the completion of several new landscape projects in the city. It will offer landscape architects and other professionals working internationally to collectively advance our practice, as well as offering the public several opportunities to engage with the discipline of landscape architecture and the landscape of Toronto specifically. (See TCLF’s “What’s Out There” program for a sense of the type of programming we may see.)

One of Charles’s particular interests is in how we treat 20th century landscape sites and how these sites can begin to figure into our stewardship of heritage. Many of Toronto’s designed landscapes, for example, have reached a point where their management, care, and use needs to be reexamined and championed if we wish them to continue to add value to our public realm.

We thank Charles for his time in Toronto and look forward enthusiastically to participating in the TCLF Symposium!

To learn more about Charles’s visit, please see our blog.

Also: Check out Charles’s writing on Toronto’s landscapes in The Huffington Post.