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ERA Architects


Canada Hair Cloth

by ERA Architects

ERA is currently working with DSAI to convert the former Canada Hair Cloth factory in St. Catharines, ON, into Brock University’s new school for the performing arts.  We’ve been down to site a few times to survey the conditions of the existing buildings – the oldest of which dates to 1888 – in order to cost and direct the restoration and adaptive reuse work.

Edwin surveying the existing conditions of the exterior masonry.

Exploring, analysing, and understanding old buildings such as these – and then developing strategies to help them adapt to the needs of contemporary society in the interest of the public good and in the service of the larger rejuvenation of the surrounding community is what really gets us excited to be involved in this profession.  A few images the buildings follow after the jump.

The evolution of the site and surrounding context – 1934 above, 2010 below. The original mill was built adjacent to the (third) Welland Canal, and used water diverted from the canal for power.

Interior of the western-most building of the Canada Hair Cloth factory.

Fire-door counter-weight.

Inspecting the foundations.

Inspecting the wall assembly.

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