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“Kensington Market as Cultural Landscape” — A Jane’s Walk

by ERA Architects


During the Heritage and Democracy workshop, ICOMOS Canada will be sponsoring a series of specially curated Jane’s Walks. As part of the National Conversation on Cultural Landscapes (NCCL), an initiative of ICOMOS Canada, one of the walks will explore “Kensington Market as Cultural Landscape.” On Friday, May 6th, the walk will take you on an exploration of Kensington Market—a unique Toronto neighbourhood that is home to tasty food, quirky fashion, and jubilant street festivals.

For the past year, the NCCL working group has been facilitating discussions about cultural landscape approaches to heritage conservation. The group aims to identify examples of Canadian cultural landscapes, and to promote integration of heritage practice with planning, development, and environmental, social, and cultural sustainability. The Jane’s Walk Festival gave the NCCL a wonderful opportunity to explore these ideas in Kensington Market, one of Toronto’s richest examples of a complex, layered cultural landscape.

ERAers (and NCCL working group members) Angela Garvey and Tatum Taylor have organized this Jane’s Walk, which will bring together multiple voices and various perspectives. Along the way, you will hear from activists, local organizations, business leaders, and artists about what makes Kensington Market special. Discussions will circle around issues of the Market’s identity, the challenges it faces, and community initiatives that have supported and contributed to its spirit. Questions about community, identity, and value will propel the walk, enticing participants to engage with these issues even after the walk is over.


Relish in the beauty of Kensington Market through these captivating photos taken by Jonathan Castellino. For more of his work, visit his website.





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