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Zeidler gets Award of Excellence for Union Station

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Congratulations to Zeidler Partnership Architects for winning a Canadian Architect Award of Excellence for their design of the new GO Roof, at Union Station, Toronto. One of Canada’s national historic sites, the station is currently undergoing renovations of the train shed roof covering the passenger platforms and tracks.

As heritage consultant on the project, ERA worked with Zeidler Partnership and Yolles on the conservation, repair, and upgrading of the train shed, as well as the design guidelines that helped shape the new roof. In 2005, prior to this project, ERA developed a Conservation District Plan to revitalize the station and its district, while conserving its heritage value.

The goals of the project were to create a grand public space at train track level and to rehabilitate the early 20th century “Bush” type train shed structure. The process included an assessment of the train shed’s physical condition, the determination of design guidelines of new construction to compliment and highlight the existing; and the development of a strategy to repair and conserve the heritage fabric where possible.

The result is a spectacular glass atrium from Zeidler Partnership that will bring in ample natural light and improve passenger mobility and accessibility, all in design harmony with the station’s unique heritage architecture.

For more information and images, please see Canadian Architect’s website.


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