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Tower Renewal


View of the entrance to Lawrence Orton apartment Lawrence-Orton

Toronto Community Housing’s Lawrence Orton campus is a 336-unit complex completed in 1969, which houses more than 1,000 residents. It was selected by TCHC for their landmark ‘ReSet’ program which directs comprehensive capital repair and social reinvestment at a campus scale to revitalize the most challenged sites in their portfolio. Since 2014, ERA Architects, in...

Gordonridge Community Multi-Sport Court

Gordonridge is ERA’s third project with MLSE Foundation developing place-based recreational spaces with community stakeholders, providing youth and adults a safe space to play and access a variety of sports within their neighbourhoods. In August of 2018, ERA began working, as lead architect, with key project partners MLSE Foundation, Jumpstart, and Toronto Community Housing on...

East Scarborough Storefront East Scarborough Storefront

This collaborative project empowered local Scarborough residents to transform previously under-utilized land into a dynamic campus of community spaces. The East Scarborough Storefront (ESS) is a community centre offering multiple supports and services to the diverse communities of East Scarborough. It was widely celebrated as a model for positive city-building in Toronto’s inner suburbs. In November...

The Tower Renewal Project

Tower Renewal is a strategy for the revitalization of Canada’s aging postwar apartment neighbourhoods as part of achieving sustainable, equitable, and prosperous cities and regions. Supported by government policy and incentives, hundreds of thousands of units of apartment block housing were built in the postwar years throughout the country. Today, this housing accounts for the...

Concrete Toronto

Toronto is a concrete city. International landmarks, civic buildings, cultural institutions, metropolitan infrastructure and housing from high-rise to the single-family home: much of Toronto was born of an era of exposed concrete design. Underappreciated and misunderstood, Toronto’s concrete architecture represents an exciting era of cultural investment, city building, and design innovation. Concrete Toronto reconsiders these...

Recent Projects

University Commons, University of Alberta University of Alberta
Sturgeon Bay Cottage Private client
Point au Baril, Ontario