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University of Toronto Scarborough Campus map

University of Toronto: Scarborough Campus

In 2015, a new Secondary Plan was developed for the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. As a sub-consultant on the planning team led by Urban Strategies, ERA undertook a Cultural Heritage Resource Assessment in order to identify and assess cultural heritage resources, including the buildings, views and open spaces, in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the development and evolution of the UTSC Campus, the Secondary Plan Area was divided into a series of Character Areas. Character Areas were defined by a pattern of development that emerged in either the distant or more recent past, resulting in a distinct urban landscape of built and natural features, patterns of circulation and use, and topography.

Each Character Area has shaped the form, role, and meaning of the historic resources, including built resources and open spaces, within its boundaries. At the same time, built resources and open spaces contribute in different ways and to varying degrees to the character of their distinct Character Area.

The UTSC Heritage Resource Assessment contains a historic context statement for the UTSC Campus, and provides a brief summary of the current character and extent of the campus and each Character Area, and a discussion of key themes that have shaped the Campus’s cultural, physical, and functional development. It also identifies the key attributes — features, qualities, characteristics, and patterns of use — of each Character Area.