ERA Architects

Spruce Court Cooperative

Spruce Court Cooperative was started in 1913 and was designed by Eden Smith, a well-known Toronto architect. The first housing coop in the City of Toronto, Spruce Court is notable for its human scale and simple layout, yet rich sequence of spaces and vistas between the buildings. Designed in the Arts and Crafts style, the buildings have vernacular, but elegant details and comfortable well-designed interiors.

ERA has provided advice for conservation and maintenance since 1998 and has undertaken and organized various programs of repair on the exterior envelopes of the buildings. ERA has also consulted in the implementation of a Capital Reserve Assessment Report prepared by our office in 2007, and participated in the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy for the site.

1998 to the present (98-087, 00-009, 00-061, 01-020, 03-047, 04-033, 06-012, 06-016, 08-029-01, 09-021-01)