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Mouth of the Creek Park

Today, lake-fill has shifted the waterfront southward, and Garrison Creek has been buried, but in the late 1700s, at the time of European settlement, this lakeshore site featured a promontory ideal for marine defense. It became the location of the first fortification at Fort York, allowing for the founding of Toronto in the protected harbour to the east.

Mouth of the Creek Park is now the site of a new development featuring the 100th branch of the Toronto Public Library, as well as new housing and a public park. ERA is collaborating with Public Work to design a hub of community connectivity that provides amenity to the emerging City Place neighbourhood, extends the cultural landscape of Fort York National Historic Site, and makes legible one of Toronto’s most important heritage landscapes.

Renderings are courtesy of PUBLIC WORK.

2012 to present (12-080-01)

Public Work