ERA Architects

Mill St. Brewery

Located in the Distillery District National Historic Site, the Mill St. Brewery is designated by the City of Toronto under part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. At its peak, the entire Distillery District produced 2.5 million imperial gallons of rye annually. During the 1890s the surrounding area of East Toronto by the Don River Valley boasted no less than seven competing breweries.

The Mill Street Brewery is this area’s first commercial brewery to open up in over 100 years. The Mill St. Brewery has revived this proud brewing heritage with handcrafted beers since opening in 2002. ERA designed the initial microbrewery and was retained to transform the brewery’s initial facility into a full service restaurant to better serve Distillery patrons.

2004 - 2006 (05-012)

2004 - Conversion to Microbrewery
2006 - Conversion to Brew Pub