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Evergreen Brick Works

Kilns at Evergreen Brick Works

“Building 16” at the Brick Works housed several massive kilns built in the 1960s for firing and drying bricks. The kilns were fascinating artifacts, but their sheer size – 600 linear metres occupying three-quarters of the building – made the space impossible to use.

By dissecting the kilns to reveal their hidden spaces and internal workings, ERA was able to open up the building (providing space for a large-scale contemporary venue), and at the same time tell the story of this historic space.

Visitors can now access and explore the various interior spaces of the kilns, and learn about the different stages of firing brick (preheating, firing, and cooling). The rich industrial masonry of this site is thus brought to life by a simple but strategic process of deconstruction and interpretation.

To learn more, please see our project overview of the Evergreen Brick Works.


2002 - 2010 (02-031, 02-034, 04-022 05-060)

2005 - Heritage Assessment Report
2006 - Heritage Impact Statement
2006 - Artifacts Plan, Master Plan
2006 - Partial Building Condition Report Update
2007 - Heritage Conservation Easement Agreement
2007 - Updated Master Plan
2008 - Heritage Impact Statment
2008 - Artifacts Schedule

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