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Canada Malting Silo

The Canada Maltings Co. is a former industrial complex located at the foot of Bathurst Quay in Toronto. The site consists of two large silo structures, distribution rooms, a head house, link structures and other accessory buildings. The complex was continually developed throughout the 20th century with the earliest structures on the site dating back to 1928. The facility was closed in 1987 and the property has remained vacant since that time.

Currently, the silos are in a state of advanced deterioration requiring remediation and repairs to the concrete structure. It was also determined that the eastern seawall adjacent to the Canada Malting Co. complex was in need of structural remediation. The work on the seawall was completed in 2010.

As the heritage sub-consultant, ERA was engaged in 2010 to prepare conservation drawings and to assist Golder Associates in the development of a Conservation Plan for the 1928 Canada Malting Car Shed structure attached to the silo. This conservation work was undertaken by TROW Associates Inc. in late 2010 as part of the seawall repairs.

2010 (10-078)

Condition Assessment