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ERA Architects


Zoe Chapin

Zoe is a planner at ERA Architects. She holds a Master of Urban Planning from McGill University, where she also completed a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Systems and Political Science.

Zoe provides historical and policy research and analysis to facilitate cultural heritage value assessment, collaborative design development and conservation of tangible and intangible histories. She has worked on a broad range of projects across Canada since joining the firm in 2019, and is passionate about the ways in which ERA’s projects contribute to economic and community development and participatory planning processes.

Her previous experience, including housing policy research in Chicago and Washington D.C., rural design workshop planning in New York and development planning in southern Ontario, has given her insight into multiple contexts within the planning profession.

Zoe is a Candidate member of OPPI.

urban planner
McGill University — Master's of Planning / Geography — Urban Systems & Political Science
[email protected]