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Advita Madan

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Advita is an OAA Intern Architect at ERA Architects where she works on a broad range of residential, institutional, and heritage conservation projects. She received her Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Architectural Science from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson). Previously, she has worked at a firms in Toronto, Dubai and Beijing.

Advita’s academic research explored how affordable living could be produced in tandem with an architectural form that also produces a sense of community amongst its residents. Advita was the recipient of the Paul Oberman Graduate Student Endowment Fund from the University of Toronto. This award supported her research and allowed her to travel to various cities across Europe and India in order to study different cooperatives and affordable housing projects She was then able to extrapolate how their policies, emerging patterns of land use, spatial organization, and form can improve the overall quality of these communities and neighbourhoods. Her thesis ultimately looked at ways in which to revitalize a historic low-income housing site in Mumbai, India, through the use of urban interventions and lessons learnt from her research.

University of Toronto — Master of Architecture / Toronto Metropolitan University — Bachelor of Architectural Science
[email protected]