ERA Architects

University College: Revitalization and Accessibility 

Interior of University College Library from second floor balcony.
photo: doublespace photography

The University College is an architectural gem within the already famously picturesque University of Toronto campus. In a way, it’s the centre of the university, and when you look north up King’s College Road, your view terminates in what ERA’s Max Berg calls a “postcard building” from the 1850s. 

It has been home to a library, a museum, a chemistry lab, and various class space. It survived a fire in the 1890s, and major renovations in the 1970s, with wings being added over time, and major interior and functional changes occurring throughout the building’s history. But the time has come, once again, to reimagine the building — especially where accessibility is concerned — while still maintaining its charm and style. 

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