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Tafelmusik renovations unveiled

by ERA Architects

Oct. 3th 2013, Tafelmusik held its first public concert in a transformed concert hall at Trinity-St. Paul’s. ERA worked with acoustician Bob Essert and other consultants to restore and repair elements of the space, and improve its sound. According to all involved, the result is a success.

Robert Harris of the Glob & Mail says, “The results of the renovations, part of a $3-million revitalization of Trinity-St. Paul’s, were astonishing, exceeding their wildest expectations.…The sound was warmer, more reverberant. Bass instruments, which have long been inaudible in Trinity-St. Paul’s, were clear and focused. Inner voices jumped out of the contrapuntal texture. If a hall is the orchestra’s instrument, Tafelmusik has just traded the violin that your mom bought you for an Amati, if not a Stradivarius.”

In addition to these marked acoustic improvements, the renovation includes new paint and finishes, newly exposed wood floors and ceilings, refurbished ironwork, a new stage, and new, more comfortable, seating.

We look forward to continuing our work on site, as Trinity St.-Paul’s moves into a second phase of restorations and renovations in 2014.

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