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ERA Architects


ERA in Port Union, Nfld.

by ERA Architects

ERA has begun consultations with the William Coaker Foundation and Port Union, Newfoundland, as part of the Culture of Outports program, and will be leading an exciting on-site project there in June 2013.

Culture of Outports is a series of projects that uses research, design, and planning to engage and help support livable communities undergoing economic and cultural change after the decline of the Northern Cod Fishery.

Port Union is a fascinating planned community, founded in 1917 by William Coaker as the base for the Fisherman’s Protective Union, an important historical workers’ organization and political party representing fishermen in Newfoundland.  With its inventory of historic buildings and its important cultural history, Port Union has a rich foundation of heritage resources to work with and build upon.

Culture of Outports is currently consulting with stakeholders, including the community as a whole, to better understand, document, and articulate the architectural and cultural landscape of Port Union and make recommendations for a range of heritage, cultural, and economic planning strategies.

In June we will be taking a group of Ryerson University students to the town to work together with residents and local leaders to discover ways that even small architectural and planning actions can have a meaningful and positive impact.

Recently CBC Radio interviewed Shelley Blackmore from the Coaker Foundation about the project as a whole. The Packet newspaper also recently discussed the project.

For other resources, please see the Culture of Outports webpage and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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