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ERA Architects


Community Hub at former police station

by ERA Architects

Together with the Junction Commons Project Community Group, ERA Architects and Urban Metrics are working with the residents of Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood to envision and examine the feasibility of transforming a former police station into a community hub.

Division 11 of the Toronto Police Services recently relocated to an adapted 1913 schoolhouse designed by Stantec Architecture with ERA. The former facility, a 25,000 sq. ft. building, would have been sold for private development if not for the efforts of a group of Junction residents who asked the City to retain the building and consider its for the site of a community hub.

The Junction Commons Project has formed as a working group dedicated to transforming the site to provide new programs and services to the community. This year it was awarded a Trillium grant to conduct a feasibility study to assess potential uses for the site, taking into consideration various opportunities and constraints of the architecture, the needs of the neighbourhood, and a range of business criteria. ERA and urbanMetrics are working together with the community to produce this study.

To learn more about the project, please see the Junction Commons Project website and a recent article in UrbanToronto.

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