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The Red Mason

by ERA Architects

Recently, as part of ERA’s ongoing interest in preserving and applying traditional building crafts, we were happy to be involved in heritage masonry workshops led by Dr. Gerard Lynch. Dr. Lynch is an internationally acclaimed historic brickwork consultant, master bricklayer, educator, and author.  He is considered the world’s leading authority of gauged brickwork, and affectionately known by the historic term “The Red Mason.”

These one- and two-day workshops, held at the Evergreen Brick Works, covered such topics as historical mortar recipes, traditional forms of jointing and pointing, and various brick and mortar finishing techniques. Knowledge of these historic forms and practices is essential to repairing heritage brickwork, as the appropriate recipe and application of mortar can make a major impact on the appearance and soundness of the structure.

After a morning of historical and theoretical background, course participants had a chance to practice the fine art of tuckpointing, a heritage craft that gives the illusion of very fine, tight joints.

Thanks very much to Dr. Lynch for sharing his expertise with us, and to our partners in arranging these workshops: Evergreen, Ontario Heritage Trust, Willowbank, and Historic Restoration Ltd.

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