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The Growing Old City

by Graeme Stewart

Image courtesy of OpenFile.

Interesting article on the population of the Old City of Toronto in Open File:
We finally have more people living in pre-amalgamation Toronto than in 1971

With 736,775, we’ve  now surpassed the Old City of Toronto’s peak population in 1971 (it dipped by 100,000 in the 70s and 80s) –  but we now have significantly more dwellings. (The old City being the pre-amalgamation municipality of Toronto, roughly bounded by Eglinton, the Humber, and Victoria Park).

Doing a little calculation a la Density Exhibit, this makes the Old City roughly 76 people per hectare. As comparison, San Fransisco, with a population of 805,235 (in the official central area municipality, not the larger Bay area), has a density of 66 pph, Atlanta a density of 12 pph, and Paris has a density of 209 pph.

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