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Rum Cake: An ERA bake-off report

by ERA Architects

Like architecture offices around the globe, ERA Architects occasionally indulges in a bake-off. In these highly competitive events, contestants’ work is assessed and ranked by blind ballot, and the winner is proffered the prestigious Golden Whisk (pictured above, bottom right).

Recently, Douglas de Gannes challenged former bake-off champion Sydney Martin to best him and his family’s secret rum cake recipe. As with previous bake-off events, a mystery challenger (later determined to be Lyndsey Sneddon) entered in the final round, leaving us with an impressive six cakes in all (three with nuts, three without).

By the time we’d finished our Friday presentations – in this case by Alana Young and Andrew Pruss on their trip to Brigus, Newfoundland, and Ajeev Bhatia on his to the Domincan – we’d consumed most of the cake and several litres of rum punch.

It was time for the poll results: Douglas won. His family recipe charmed us and he snatched the Golden Whisk from his competitors’ sticky hands.

Congratulations Douglas, but there will be a next time. Do not forget that other sweet dish, best served cold: Revenge.

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