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ERA Architects


New Orleans

by ERA Architects

New Orleans is emerging from a long process of rebuilding following the devastation brought on by the hurricanes of 2005.  And while much of this gorgeous city has regained its vitality, 6 years later some families have still fallen between the cracks of of insurance payments and official funding, struggling to repair or rebuild their homes.  The non-profit community based St. Bernard Project was started in 2006 to organize volunteer labour under skilled supervision to undertake the reconstruction of individual houses and whole neighbourhoods.

On his vacation last month in New Orleans, Scott W and his partner Ron Reaman volunteered with St. Bernard Project and installed drywall as part of the reconstruction of what had been a badly damaged house.  Because of its location in Gentilly, a low lying neighbourhood, the bungalow was raised one storey to allow any possible future flooding to leave the main floor of the house untouched, much like the 19th century pattern of building in this region.  Scott and Ron were part of a volunteer team from the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA) organized by President and CEO of White Spot Hospitality, and Chairman of the Board of CRFA Warren Erhart and his wife Marie.

Scott also managed to eat a great deal of fabulous Louisiana seafood while he was there, which has recently been declared safe by the FDA following intensive testing related to last year’s oil spill and cleanup.

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