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ERA Architects


Auchmar Estate

by ERA Architects

Since 2006, ERA has been engaged in a series of conservation and repair projects at Auchmar Estate in Hamilton, Ontario.  Most recently we have been examining and recording the finishes on both the exterior of the house and on the interior walls of the main front hall.

Working with specialist paint analysts, we have identified two main decorative schemes on the interior plaster.  The oldest scheme is a faux ashlar stone finish dated to the building’s origin in the 1850s.  The second scheme is a golden-coloured marbling application probably dating from the 1880s.  Uncovering these schemes gives us a better understanding of the historic timeline of the house and gives insight into the lives and values of the people who once lived there.

This year for Doors Open Hamilton, we took the opportunity to share with the public some of our most interesting findings.   Viewing frames were placed on the walls where visible remnants of the decorative schemes could be observed, while display panels provided information on the process of studying, investigating and understanding these finishes.

Overall the event was a resounding success, with a record of more than 3,000 visitors touring the site during the weekend.

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