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Bay Adelaide Centre

In the 1840s, a row of buildings known as the Elgin Block was constructed along Yonge Street. The block’s tenants over the next century included tailors, tanners, and tobacconists. Holt Renfrew and Company extensively renovated one of the buildings and operated in this location from 1910 until the 1950s. While much of the Elgin Block was demolished in the latter half of the twentieth century, two façades of the Holt Renfrew building survived. The site is now under development for the Bay Adelaide Centre, a commercial complex including three office towers, podiums for office and retail use, and public plazas.

As part of ERA’s involvement with the Bay Adelaide project in 2013, the two remaining heritage façades were removed from the corner of Yonge and Adelaide to be relocated to the corner of Yonge and Temperance. In this new context, together with the Dineen Building across the street, they contribute to an intensification of heritage fabric at the entrance of Temperance Street.

2012 to present (12-010)

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